When you’re on the hunt for the house of your dreams, you’ve got a lot to think about. There’s your financing and budget, along with your personal taste and your wish list of features that you’re looking for in a new house. You’ll also want to know all about the neighborhood and have an easy way to keep track of your thoughts as you stroll through all those open houses.
House hunting can feel overwhelming, but don’t forget that technology is on your side. Armed with your smartphone and the right apps, you can stay organized and enjoy all those walk-throughs. Here are six of the most useful apps for house hunters:

1. QR Code Reader

You know those funny black and white squares you see everywhere? Those are QR codes, and with the QR Code Reader, you can take a photo with your phone’s camera and the app will send you to a webpage. Many realtors use these on flyers to connect you to photos and more information about a property, so it’s a convenient way to eliminate the paper and get straight to the good stuff.

2. Mortgage Calculator

The Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator app helps you stick to your budget while you’re house hunting. You can plug in the price of the home in question — along with your interest rate and term — and get a quick answer about exactly how much you’ll pay per month. You can also use this app to develop your budget based on how much you think you can afford each month. This calculator is also handy for comparing your favorites by price on the go!

3. Paint My Place

If you’re having trouble getting past a house’s bad wallpaper or wacky colors, try uploading some photos into the Paint My Place app. The app lets you choose from the paint palettes of several brands and use your finger to paint over the photo in any color you like. This app is great for giving you an idea of what that outdated room could look like with a little love.

4. HomeAdvisor

If you’re looking at a real fixer-upper, the HomeAdvisor app can help you estimate what it would cost to make needed renovations in your area. In addition to connecting you to local contractors, the app’s True Cost guide is full of valuable information on the cost of various home improvement projects. You can use this app to get an idea about how much you’d need to budget to turn a handyman’s special into your dream house.

5. HomeFacts

The HomeFacts app makes researching a neighborhood a breeze. Just look at the map or type in an address to find out about crime rates, school quality, the weather and even the likelihood of a natural disaster. It’s a great tool for helping you narrow down your search for the perfect place to live.

6. AroundMe

If you’re exploring new neighborhoods during your search for a new home, you’ll definitely want to know what there is to do and see nearby. The AroundMe app makes it easy to virtually explore. You can click on one of many categories to find the nearest ATM, coffee shop, movie theater and more.
Of course, no app can take the place of a knowledgeable real estate agent when it comes to finding the perfect home in the Houston area. Cityscape Brokers can help you find your dream house and assist you during every step of the home buying process. Call or go online to get started today.