Selling a home takes a lot of work, from pricing it correctly to finding the right agent to appealing to the right buyers. One important step for ensuring that your home sells is staging it. Staging your home ensures that it's a space that is appealing to buyers when they enter, and doing it well can help you sell for a higher price. If you're planning to sell your home soon, here are some helpful staging tips so you can make sure the space is appealing to buyers.

1. Start on the Outside

Many people think about staging the rooms inside their home -- but staging actually starts on the outside. You want your house to make a good impression when potential buyers come to view it. So, start by mowing the lawn, trimming trees and limbs and manicuring sidewalks and walkways. You may also consider planting new flowers and bushes to help add color and life to the yard. If you are selling during a holiday season, consider adding some tasteful decor – it will help make the house feel festive and welcoming. Books shouldn't be judged by their covers, but when it comes to homes for sale, they often are, so you don't want to skip the outside during the staging process.

2. Remove All Clutter

Clutter is a real turn off when potential buyers come to visit your home, so make sure you clear it off of all visible surfaces and out of closets and cupboards that buyers may look in. Clutter can give your home a dirty, disorderly feel -- and potential buyers often have a hard time imagining what the space will look like without it. Do them a favor and get rid of the clutter so they can take in a clean, orderly space. It will help them get a better sense of whether they want to buy, and the decluttering process may also help you get started in the process of getting rid of unnecessary junk and packing to move. 

3. Scour the Bathroom

Potential buyers don't usually spend much time in bathrooms, so you want your bathroom to look immaculate at first glance. So, scour all tile and grout, and make sure any mold or mildew is completely removed. You'll also want to make sure there are no lime stains from hard water on surfaces. You want your bathroom to feel as if it's barely been used, so a new buyer can imagine making it their own.

4. De-Personalize

You probably have touches throughout your house that are uniquely you, but when you're trying to sell, it can help to de-personalize your space. Remove family photos, items with your name on them, children's art and more. When you de-personalize your space, it helps potential buyers imagine their own family in the space instead of imagining what it's like with your family there.

5. Make it Bright

Homes that feel bright and airy are a draw for buyers. So, take advantage of all of the natural light that your house gets. Open curtains, shutters and blinds and turn on all of your lamps and lights. If your house still feels dark, consider adding some more light sources. Brightening up a space can make it feel less drab and more welcoming.